Research & Development

NOTE: O2Boost® is an encapsulated form of Ox66®, aka Powdered Oxygen™, exclusively made and manufactured by Hemotek, LLC. Tested for safety and efficacy, Ox66® is supported by the following patents: US 9,980,909 B2: Oxygen-Enabled Composition (Chlorine Free), US 9,950,006 B2: Nutraceutical Containing an Oxygen-Enabled Composition, and US 0,137,146 B2: An Oxygen-Enabled Composition.

Ox66® has been extensively studied over the past decade by accredited external labs, research centers, and an R1 University. Several research studies have resulted in peer-reviewed, published journal articles, as shown below, that indicate medical and physiological benefits of Ox66®.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Ox66® research over the past 24 months included studies undertaken to determine the effectiveness of Ox66® to oxygenate the body under ARDS conditions. Two separate laboratory in vivo ARDS tests produced extremely promising results. The first study was published in December 2021 in Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology journal, under "Gavage approach to oxygen supplementation with oxygen therapeutic Ox66® in a hypoventilation rodent model of respiratory distress." “When ingested, a solid-state, oxygen-containing compound (Ox66™) increased oxygen delivery to the peripheral tissues compared to volume control under the conditions of hypoventilation.”

A second ARDS study was published in March 2022 in Military Medicine journal, "Evaluation of an Injectable, Solid-State, Oxygen-Delivering Compound (Ox66®) in a Rodent Model of Pulmonary Dysfunction-Induced Hypoxia.“Treatment with intravenous Ox66 improved interstitial oxygenation …Ox66® offers a novel approach to supplemental oxygenation that bypasses lung injury and dysfunction.”

Tissue Oxygenation "Ox66® animals demonstrated an improvement in tissue oxygenation compared to control animals. This finding demonstrates that Ox66® both transports and releases oxygen to the peripheral microcirculation.”

Oxygenation via the Circulatory System  “This proof-of-concept study further demonstrates the potential of Ox66® to function as an oxygenating supplement that might be useful for treating either pathological hypoxic-related conditions or to improve oxygenation levels during or after exercise under healthy conditions.”

Toxicity “Oral ingestion of a novel oxygenating compound, Ox66®, is non-toxic and has the potential to increase oxygenation.“  Reference: Food and Chemical Toxicology 125 (2019 Mar; 125:217-244),

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