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Our mission is to ease suffering, enable cures for disease, and improve quality of life for humanity.


Hemotek, LLC is a Texas-based company, owner and exclusive manufacturer of a novel powdered form of oxygen called Ox66®.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for humanity through all of our oxygen products. Working under our core values of integrity, trust, and safety, with a focus on humanitarian benefit, our vision is to provide trusted, effective products for use in every home.


Hemotek is fully dedicated to the research, development &
commercialization of oxygen products to include oxygenated therapeutics, from prevention to treatment, through a novel and superior approach of providing oxygen to all living things. 

Ox66® has been extensively tested in numerous applications, presently being sold to several commercial customers, on a journey for FDA OTC and drug approval as a medical treatment.

For more information about Hemotek visit us at www.hemo2.com