blue eye with oxygen

Hidden in plain view - is Oxygen the secret to better eyesight?

How important is oxygen to the eye? A recent study conducted by a team of international researchers shows the importance of oxygen to the eyes, and reveals just how it gets there.

"When we look at a painting, its colors and images enter our eyes as waves of light. Thanks to a layer of tissue at the back of our eyes known as the retina, the vibrant yellows and subtle blues of van Gogh’s Starry Night are translated into electrical signals for our brains to interpret. 

This remarkable part of our eye is actually an extension of our brain tissue. And just like our brain, the retina needs a lot of oxygen to function properly. 

A study published by an international collaboration of researchers recently revealed just how important a steady supply of oxygen was to the evolution of a thicker retina, and therefore better vision."

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