How does your oxygen powder work for me?

Depending on what you are doing and your body’s oxygen needs, you may feel more energetic and clearer headed. Since O2Boost® is not a drug, you will not feel euphoric or groggy.  

How fast does it take to get into my system?

It takes between 10-25 minutes.

How does it get into my blood stream?

Like the nutrients from food that we eat, oxygen from O2Boost® passes from the intestines into the blood stream. Research studies have also shown increased blood oxygenation within 10 minutes after oral ingestion of Ox66® (O2Boost®), indicating that oxygen is diffusing into the blood stream as it encounters the tissues and capillaries in our gastrointestinal track. 

What does this do for Hypoxia?

It relieves hypoxia by providing oxygen.

Note: Hypoxia is a state in which there isn’t sufficient oxygen at the tissue level; this can result from inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues either due to low blood supply or low oxygen content in the blood.

Do I take this with food?

You can take this without food or with food. It should not upset your stomach. 

Can I take this with my medicine?

We recommend you do not take O2Boost® simultaneously with other medications as it could interfere with the absorption of your medications.  

Will this help with reducing lactic acid after my work out?

Lactic acid is produced when oxygen levels become low in cells within the areas of the body where metabolism takes place. When the body depletes oxygen that is stored in the muscles, there’s an ‘oxygen debt’ created. Evidence suggests that O2Boost® provides increased oxygen to the muscles that can repay that oxygen debt and lead to a reduction or relief of lactic acid.