Research & Development


At O2Boost LLC you may often hear or see us promote our products as “Backed by Science, Powered by Oxygen”. This isn’t something we just say as a catchy phrase, it’s part of our corporate DNA. Each of our products contains the active key ingredient Ox66® that is packed with diatomic oxygen, and each product is tested for safety and efficacy. The latest O2Boost® Oxygen Supplement clinical trial completed in 2023 with a focus on athletic performance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ergogenic impact of acute ingestion on factors related to aerobic performance. The test subjects were well-trained athletes, selected because they meet their ventilatory thresholds (VT) at a higher percentage of their VO2max than athletes that are not professionally trained or sedentary populations. We were pleased to see Statistically Significant* positive results in several areas. There were no negative results or adverse effects. The athletes exercised until reaching their max heart rate, which was on average 13.3 minutes after starting the test. This now marks our second human study and builds upon earlier clinical data confirming the safety and efficacy of O2Boost®. Note, after ingesting O2Boost the ingredients break down over time; as such, we believe a testing protocol geared toward endurance activity could yield positive results related to Lactic Acid, inflammation, and recovery. Likewise, testing with subjects that are not trained and/or sedentary can potentially yield even better results even under acute exercise exertion conditions.

*Statistical Significant means less than 5% probability the results are random.